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Online Travel Agency based in Rome


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Sorry this is in English, my Italian is not at a great level yet.

I am planning on opening a Travel Business here in Rome (It's where I live) however, I am very concerned that to register with Lazio there seems to be a 20,000 euro deposit that must be placed for the operating licence. I simply can't afford that but it appears many small businesses have managed to obtain money for this.

Is there a way around finding this money up front that I'm missing? Are they registering in another area?
Can I open a Tour Operator or Travel Agency another way? I'd appreciate any advice with opening a travel company.

I'm also wondering as a British Citizen if I registered in the UK and created the Italian Company as a Subsidary (Pay my Italian Taxes ofcourse)
Would I be fine as long as I am licenced as a Travel Agent in the UK? (I don't plan on selling air travel by the way)

Thank you! This 20,000 euro has put a lot of stress on me as I'm soon to be unemployed, given the lack of work in the area this was my back up plan to try and feed the family.

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